Know Jack #93

I’m locked into the deadly struggle that’s called NaNoWriMo. Round 1 goes to…ta da…yours truly 3801 words, a chapter and a half today. That was much needed since I’m making this an early Friday and slipping of to The Springs in Idaho City for the evening. Going to soak in the hot springs and get ready for the next thirty rounds.

I haven’t got a date yet, but Yuletide Chills: Festive Phantoms and Creepy Carousers, is supposed to make its debut next week. I erroneously reported that I had three stories in this anthology…I have five. I don’t know whether to brag or be shamed for poor memory. Ah, what the heck, I’ll take brag. Seriously though, I am very proud of these stories and hope you faithful followers will buy the book and check them out.

I am also giving away copies of Hatchlings to those who leave me a message here or on Facebook. I announced it for Halloween, but it was kind of last-minute so I am extending the time on it. I’ve found sometimes blog posts take a day to get to everyone. One qualifier on the giveaway. I am really only almost giving it away…you have to pay for shipping, but it’s still a bargain. So, if you like stories of the supernatural send me that message.

I want to try out my Back Cover Copy on you for my NaNoWriMo entry The Chanteuse so here goes:

  Celisa is cursed. It began the moment she was cast into the sea by her father as a baby. Rescued by a childless couple on a remote beach her adolescence is plagued by ever strange happenings no one can’t explain except the Witch who lives on the far side of the island.

Celisa must break the curse before she turns seventeen or lose the boy she loves and her family. Her efforts are frustrated when she is kidnaped by pirates and pursued and lied to by supernatural forces. She sees her future spiraling out of control…until her past offers a single straw to seize if she can.

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