Lost Crusader #18

“Conversion requires an alteration of the will, and an alteration which, in the last resort, does not occur without the intervention of the supernatural.”

A person cannot really just decide to become a Christian. The motivation itself comes from God. That is the truth behind Christ’s statement that many are called but few are chosen. The glory of God’s existence is broadcast to the world, and according to St. Paul, is clearly understood by every creature. So, why are not all people Christians?

I know some enlightened folks who would say that their superior intelligence saved them from it. I know those whose money saved them and still others whose spirituality is enough. If you are doing just fine as you are, Christianity is probably not very appealing, and rightfully so because what do you need with an intrusive God?

The truth is in the old adage that form follows function. If there is no function in your life requiring Divine intervention, no intervention will follow. People who come to God and become Christians are not satisfied people…they are people in need of something they have never been able to find on earth. They need a supernatural answer. They are also those willing to see and hear the supernatural when it presents itself.

God was in the world, in the person of Christ. The world was made by him, yet it did not recognize him. He came to his own and they didn’t receive him. He is known throughout the world today and ignored. But, to as many, as receive him, to them is given the power to become the children of God.

“Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

Many ears hear God’s call, very few hearts respond. The reason is that a response requires an alteration in our will…a willingness to surrender to something higher, stronger, and more loving that can change our minds and our lives. But to everyone that dares to respond, the fullness of Divine grace and love is given to them. God will lift them up above the need that broke them and open a supernatural world to them.

Altars alter lives. Prayer changes you. Do you hear what I hear?

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