The Colonel #12

    ‬I recently discovered that I still carry a torch for Lady Liberty.‭ ‬I thought those old feelings of devotion died a long time ago.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬suddenly,‭ ‬I find myself passionately opposed to those I believe are actively seeking her destruction.‭ ‬Who knew‭?

     I’m not talking about Islamic extremists or the criminals slipping over our borders.‭ ‬Those are external dangers and relatively easier to deal with than the danger living amongst us.‭ ‬I’m talking about the political and cultural quislings passing themselves off as Americans. Those solid citizens whose career goal is to‭ “‬get on a check‭” ‬and the congressional and community leaders that inspire such lofty aspirations. It’s more than a little hypocritical to cry “oppression” while one signs on as a slave of the welfare system. This is not a knock on those who need a hand up. It’s a knock on those wanting a handout and the politicians who make a rich living seeing it is supplied.

     I’m talking about those who drop mom off at the local hospital when she gets to be too much trouble.‭ ‬I’m talking about farms,‭ ‬banks,‭ ‬manufacturers and ordinary citizens living on government subsidies.‭ ‬I’m talking about a society that thinks there is nothing wrong with two years of unemployment payments and columns of Help Wanted ads living‭ ‬side by side.‭ ‬I’m talking about companies too big to fail and‭ ‬home buyers too‭ ‬politically popular to‭ pay for their own poor choices‬.

     Our country is bleeding red ink.‭ ‬We are told the only solutions are higher taxes and more debt.‭ ‬Are y’all kidding me‭? ‬Experience ‭ ‬hard-earned and sadly won,‭ ‬says differently.‭ Take it from me, ‬Uncle Sam was nowhere to be found when I was drowning.‭ We‬ weren’t better swimmers back in the day.‭ We relied on family,‭ ‬friends, and faith‭ to try and stay afloat‬. We went under a few times, but we survived.‭ ‬Is it too much to ask our fellow citizens and governmental leaders‭ to learn to do the same?‬ 

     The Russians haven’t corrupted our politics. They never had a chance. We did it to ourselves. 

     “For even when we were with you,‭ ‬this we commanded you,‭ ‬that if any would not work,‭ ‬neither should he eat.‭ ‬For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly,‭ ‬working not at all,‭ ‬but are busybodies.‭ ‬Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ,‭ ‬that with quietness they work,‭ ‬and eat their own bread.”‭ 

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