Know Jack #97

Searching the realms of video entertainment one night I stumbled upon an intriguing series called Last Tango in Halifax on BBC. It has a wonderful storyline of a long lost love, disrupted by intrigue and rekindled by the lovers again in the midst of their dysfunctional family relationships.

However, before the first season concluded the writers and producers decided to sell the viewers a dose of political correctness.

The sweet, adventurous female lead did not jump and cheer when her forty-something daughter revealed she was a lesbian. She didn’t like her daughter’s lesbian lover any more than she did the male creep her daughter married, but that’s not the point.

Well, of course, she had to be shamed by all the other characters for her outrageous crime of having a different opinion. Suddenly, the man who longed for her for sixty years and was supposed to be so in love with her had a change of heart, his passion cooled. Oh, the audacity not to agree…the shame for possession of a different point of view.  

What is it about the LMNOP community that they cannot tolerate peaceful coexistence? Why must they be celebrated for being people of a single opinion? Why must they hard-sell their existence? Not being a member of the community, I cannot provide an answer.

However, as a person who has treated hurting people of very opinion, lifestyle, race, creed, and sexual preference without regard to sameness or difference, I have seen this pressing need to push beyond recognition and into tyranny in but one other instance…the insecure.

Those that harbor deep-seated questions about themselves at the soul level are the most militant when meeting disagreement or dissenting opinion. And yes, that includes some of those with whom I share a common faith. Little wonder that we see this militant, insecure, hatred. The insecure live on the applause and praise of others.

The series lost a viewer to its political and social agenda. I don’t suppose the writers and producers give the slightest damn what I think. And why should they? I’m no one of importance so their indifference has no impact on me.

However, I have a feeling were we to meet in person and share our views about writing, I would rate their disapproval and be subject to continued attempts to shame me into surrender to their views.

They won’t get me to change my mind with a club. In fact, all they got was a change of channels.    

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