Know Jack #98

We are a week into NaNoWriMo and things are looking good on the home front. My word count just topped 15,000, just shy of one-third of the way. It’s not all about word count…well, actually, it is for most people, but I want to finish with a good first draft of a novel with potential. That’s because it won’t go away after the month is over. It will hang around for multiple drafts and editing.

Anyway glad to be back on track today after a hard day yesterday. I got word from Tiwaz Press that the Christmas anthology is just about ready to make its debut. Yuletide Chills; Festive Phantoms and Creep Carousers will include five of my short stories. I’m looking forward to reading the other author’s stories. I really like mine, but I’ve kind of read them already.

I recently took an online course from Hillsdale College on Aristotle’s Ethics. The course was truly exceptional so I went out and bought the book. Great reading. The object of the book is instruction on how to live a happy life. It delivers. I’m going to say his use of language may be hard for some to follow, but only because I have handed out copies of Mere Christianity and had people tell me they couldn’t understand it. Many of the thoughts and concepts follow the same thinking.

Since I am talking about Hillsdale, let me recommend to everyone their Introduction to the Constitution. It’s a short course given in about 20-30 minute segments. There are no quizzes, just some of the best teaching about the ideas behind the document that will inspire you. It’s free to you. You may start anytime simply register and start watching the videos. It’s heartwarming to find the truth being taught to young people in college.

I will wish everyone a happy weekend. Look for the Colonel tomorrow and the Lost Crusader on Sunday.

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