Adam Rants #15

Discernment is the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend that which is obscure. An opinion is a belief or way of thinking about something or what someone believes about a particular thing.

As a general rule,‭ ‬the abundance of a commodity is a major factor in determining its worth.‭ ‬Gold,‭ ‬silver,‭ ‬and diamonds are rare and thus highly sought after.‭ ‬Paintings often increase in value after the death of an artist because no more are being produced.‭ ‬The opposite is equally true.‭ ‬The more abundant a product is the less it is esteemed.‭

‭One product flooding today’s market is the opinion of advertisers and some women concerning the means of decerning the qualities of a “real man.” In plain talk, there’s a lot of valueless opinion flying around manhood by those who know not of what they speak. Most such talk is driven by stereotypical thinking seeking the lowest common denominator as a weapon against male identity.

‭I see from some sports news that women are becoming uncomfortable with emasculated males competing with them. I don’t feel sorry for these women, they brought it on themselves. It was fine when females wanted to be Boy Scouts, and when women chose to compete in men’s sports. So, what happened? Did karma play a nasty trick? Don’t women want diversity and inclusion anymore?

‭Discerning the future impact of one’s words and actions isn’t always easy. Neither is admitting you were wrong, so guys, don’t expect those “real man” ads and social media posts to go away some folks just like the sound of their own voice.

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