The Colonel #16

   We’ve all had a laugh at the familiar movie scene in which two of the characters come under the scrutiny of the police and one says to the other, “Act natural.” Of course in trying for nonchalance, they both become stiff, wooden puppets sure to attract attention. If you were a weed smoking hippie in the ’60s, you probably played one of the characters at least twice. I find misguided souls struggling to act naturally are either extremely humorous or tragically sad. Human societies combat nothing as fiercely as the call to act according to nature.

     The superiorly educated elite; the LGQBT community; animal rights activists; the pro-choice crowd; atheists, vegan nudists and the general assembly of snowflakes on the left end of the political spectrum claim to be the chief proponents of acting according to nature. The entire LGQBT movement is built on the premise “God made me this way.” Logic says, if God made me this way, it must be okay. It’s natural, right? I have no argument with people who say they were born a certain way. I believe them. However, “God made me this way” and “I was born this way” are two different things in my opinion.

     The sad part is that this upper echelon of society is blind to the fact that they are the biggest hypocrites under the sun. They do not support acting naturally except as it reinforces their behavior. It’s a common flaw among mankind to follow a course of thinking only as far as it suits them and no further. Yep, we all do it.

     Every law written by man has one goal in mind–to restrict natural behavior. “I want to strangle that asshole with my bare hands.” Raise your hand if you’ve said it too. The desire to strangling our enemies is a natural response to rage. However, strangling people is against the law.

     Men are born with the predilection to dominate. We are naturally driven to impose our will on others (for their own good, of course). Men are also driven by nature to copulate. Jokes about men thinking with their penis get a laugh, but it’s not altogether untrue. Letting nature take its course, these two traits just may be dominant. The natural result would be a female bashing, sexual harassing, rapist. That just won’t do in polite society. That’s why we have laws and women’s forums on CNN against such things. The natural instinct must be suppressed in favor of society. The same is true if that man is attracted to young children rather than women.

      Speaking of reproduction, the natural course of pregnancy is birth. Many societies have practiced leaving the unwanted or handicapped under a tree to allow nature to finish its course rather than intervening beforehand.

     Native tribes on the American plains naturally coveted horses. Every man wanted as many high-quality horses as he could obtain. Breeding them was one way to achieve this goal, but stealing them from the neighboring tribes was just as acceptable. Taking whatever we want, whenever we want it, is natural—babies do it without lessons. The government does it to me every two weeks.

    I’m stopping here because there is no end in sight.

     The point is that we, as a society, expect every man to rise above nature. Only the thickest headed evolutionist believes we should give in to the “animal nature” from which we descended. The elite gives lip service to the idea that man is just an animal, but they don’t practice what they preach. We all expect more from Mankind, except when deviance suits our agenda…then we have a parade.

      I have no ax to grind against anyone. There are many “slippery slopes” in our world—watch your step because doing what comes naturally might just be the slipperiest of all.

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