Know Jack #105

It’s official, I’m a NaNoWriMo winner for 2019 topping the 50,000 words mark by 600 words today. There’s just one thing left to do…finish the novel. Yeah, I hit the required number of words, but I still have a chapter or two to write the rest of this week in order to put it to bed for a while. I must say it was a great experience.

I really like working with the pirates in the story…I’m not sure how much of a future is in it though seeing as how there’s already a Cap’n Jack of some notoriety out there. Well, we can all hoist a bottle of rum now that the book’s done. Who knows? We may end up seeing mermaids too.

Besides coming away with a very good novel, I have found out some things as a writer and about pushing the envelope on what is possible on a daily basis as far as output is concerned. It has also taught me about the need to learn marketing as a valued part of my writing. I expect to have a redesigned web site and blog soon as well as implementing some other new things. While I don’t need a best seller to feel like I have succeeded as a writer, book sales are a sight better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

I plan to spend the next couple of months doing editing and rewrites on The novel, Lady on the Edge that I finished in October as well as this one I will be finishing this week. My NaNoWriMo novel is provisionally titled The Chanteuse. I like it, but that can change before it sees the light of day. This is almost certainly going to be the case with Lady on the Edge. I am currently leaning toward renaming it Castle of Spirits.

I am still awaiting the news that Yuletide Chillers: Festive Phantoms and Creepy Carousers has been released. This Christmas time anthology from Tiwaz Press has five of my short stories including my favorite story The Wallet. If you know someone who loves ghosts, hauntings, Bigfoot or presents with an ironic twist, they will enjoy these stories.

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