Lost Crusader #21

“The fool has said in his heart there is no God…”

There is a truth in David’s words that few people ever stop their mental picture of Christians as buffoons long enough to think about. No matter, such people rarely stop to think about what they think and do, so why should their imagined picture of Christians be any different. There is no bigger hypocrite than the person who denies God.

This is not for the reason that first comes to mind. A person may say there is no God. I believe it is an erroneous thing to say, but not necessarily a foolish one. A person who makes such a confession only becomes a fool when he fails to live his creed and…I have yet to find the atheist that walks his talk.

Without going into a long explanation of why Right and Wrong are dependant upon the existence of a God, by whatever name you choose, let’s suppose all truth is subjective which is the only sound conclusion a reasoning atheist has to stand on. “My truth,” I hear that a lot today, this is such a statement. The upshot is that the speaker is declaring that his version of the truth is the ultimate and supersedes all others…including any non-existent, invisible God, or any religious/social faith based on such a mythological person and the consequential objective truth.

This is a safe ground for the atheist and modern thinker, freshly minted in an American university. Safe that is, until it comes time to live his beliefs. For we do not find him doing as he pleases without regard for any other person as he should. No, we find him obeying laws, marching for rights he feels denied him, and conforming to fluid social norms. We find him preaching random acts of kindness and rescuing lost puppies.

The question is why? Surely he is not complying for fear of hell or judgment. Furthermore, “It’s the law” is a coward’s cope out. What does the law matter if one is the final judge of truth, right, and wrong behavior? Only a coward obeys for fear of punishment (which, by the way, is what atheists charge Christians with).   

The man who says there is no God yet lives with any code of conduct other than his whims is the biggest fool of all. When his practice fails to be congruent with his stated belief, he is also the biggest hypocrite of all.

“Arise, O God, plead thine own cause: remember how the foolish man reproaches you daily.”

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