The Colonel #18

I have heard people say that the purpose of our Constitution is to limited the power of our government. That’s not exactly correct. The Constitution’s first function was to empower the government. Our government, as envisioned by the framers of the Constitution, has no power whatsoever except the one’s granted to it by We the People. The Constitution is the document that outlines just what those powers are. 

 Empowering our government with limited powers is the way we preserve our God given rights, ownership of our property, and the freedom to pursue our own happiness and well being. When the government oversteps the boundaries of the Constitution, it is the job of We the People to take whatever steps necessary, up to and including force, to restore the government to its rightful, limited role.

It is not the duty of our military and veterans, our elected representatives, or government employees to defend the government of the United States…it is their duty to defend the Constitution. It was to this duty that everyone of them is sworn.

When members of Congress, Senators, and judges tell us how the Constitution is a hindrance to progressive government…they are correct and that’s just how it is supposed to work. Having just broken free from tyranny imposed by a king, the framers of the Constitution were not about to accept the tyranny of another government that could do whatsoever it wished. 

That’s why our system of government was divided into a legislature, and executive, and a judiciary. It is also why certain rights were retained by the states and still other by individual citizens. James Madison said that if we were governed by angels, we would not need limit government, or need it at all for that matter. But, we are governed by humans and therefore, our rights must be safeguarded.

The Constitution is our safety net…our defense against runaway government. It’s high time we brought back the letter and spirit of the Constitution. To fail at this, will only lead to bloodshed down the road or a loss of our liberty altogether.  

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