Know Jack #121

If you’ve ever worked a job, had to mentally/physically drag yourself out of bed, grumbled as you got ready, cussed at every other driver on the way there only to have the day go downhill from there…raise your hand. Oh good, I’m not the only one.

As a nurse, I could usually get by with a dash of fake enthusiasm, a pinch of “take that” with procedures that hurt (oh, don’t look all innocent), and a cup or two of coffee strong enough to walk out of the break room on its own and introduce itself. I think I was able to do this because much of what I had to do was mechanical and trained intuition…I could do it and do it well even when I personally felt like crap.

Writing poses an entire new dimension to those kind of days. You still have to write that tender, heart warming, moment and, when the well is empty, faking it comes across clearly in the tone of the writing. Writing demands a piece of the writer and some days there just isn’t one to spare.

So, if the blog has sounded like I’m phoning it in for the last week, my apologies. My recourse is to attended a group tonight whose name is “Shut up and Write.” While there, I plan of starting work on a post-apocalyptic tale of heart break, despair, and redemption through trials. There is potential for this plan to go terribly wrong, time will tell…it always does.

Thanks go out tonight for all of those who “liked” the Bayou Moon story so far. Chapter 4 comes out on Saturday.

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