The Colonel #23

America is a nation founded on abstract principles in a world of nations founded on lineage, personality, religion, and force of arms. This is not to say these things did not influence the founding of America, for where people gather all of these things interact in some way. However, it is principle that is the driving force of America…and the principle of which I speak is personal liberty.

In practice we have strayed from the true faith of our founding that calls for the reverence of every person’s inherent, Gid-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many claiming descent from the Founding Fathers have chosen to beg from the government the freedom from responsibility, liability, and sensibility. They would run roughshod over the rights of their neighbors in the name of correctness and inclusion as couched in their own minds.

Lincoln once asked what would satisfy the fire-eaters of the antebellum South. His conclusion? Nothing, but a bending to their will and calling slavery right rather than declaring it evil. The same could be said of today’s socialists, communists and Democrat’s. Nothing will satisfy them except going along with their twisted opinions in call good evil and evil good.

Young Americans, most without life experience, or experience confined to the ivory towers of a university, love to denigrate the Founders’ unwillingness to sacrifice the formation of the nation on the altar of abolition. Men like Washington, Jefferson and Madison. men who ventured their lives on the founding of a free nation, were practical men as much as idealists.

They believed a nation founded on principle, once formed, would rise to meet the ideals and principles of its founding documents. Modern Americans find it easier to malign our representatives, and cry for the destruction of the Constitution and its principles rather than attempt to rise up and live out those ideals. As a result, we abrogated our responsibilities as citizens.

We the People are the rulers of this country, not Washington bureaucrats, not Congress, not the courts, not the President…you and me. Whether freedom is stolen from us or given away by our negligence, if we refuse to rise up and claim the treasured freedoms won by the blood of our countrymen, we deserve to be in chains.

Most Americans are all familiar with the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence. Far fewer have considered the closing line of the document…this final line is the pledge to which brave men affixed their signatures. Consider, for just a moment, what these men promised to one another.

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Sacred honor is not dead in the hearts of Americans. It is but a sleeping ember waiting to be fanned to new life by men and women willing to take a stand for liberty.

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