Know Jack #122 Book Nerds

I was back to work today writing revisions and additions to Castle of Spirits. I’ve finally had a long enough break from the story to make it fun again. For what I hear from the experts, I should be cutting massive portions from the first draft and tuning up the remnant. This one is definitely not going that way. I am cutting bits and adding chapters. To me the first draft seemed too skeletal even though it ran 60,000 words. I have a feeling this is because the characters were cachectic and the reason for the action not plain enough.

For those faithfully following the progress of Bayou Moon, I anticipate the new chapter hitting the blog on Saturday as scheduled. I have actually finished the entire first draft of the story and am anticipating something novella length…which is good news for my plans to make Ed Landry the main character for a series of mid-length stories pitting him against a host of supernatural foes.

My friends at Tiwaz Press are looking to do a reprise of last years And Come Out Fighting for 2020. I am hoping to get in on that if I can because I really enjoyed doing the stories for the last volume. I have been as by one of the staff there to consider a historical fiction work based on the Song of Roland. I started reading the epic poem and am excited to take on the story.

I am a firm believer that good writers are good readers and as a matter of putting my money where my mouth is, I am signed up for the 2020 Extreme Book Nerd challenge. This is an attempt at reading 50 books in 50 weeks. I’m not sure of the wisdom of starting out with Don Quixote, but no turning back now. The things I’ll do for the chance at a fleece jacket!

If you’re a lover of books I recommend you give this challenge a try. It is a national event sponsored by libraries across the country. Go get your library card and get started. Of course, you don’t have to use the books from the library, but looking on the cheap side 50 books at $7.99 a book amounts to $399.50. Save yourself nearly four hundred dollars and get the card…and the fleece jacket with the logo on it.

If you decide to take the challenge, let me heard from you. We can cheer each other on to victory. If not, you can read my reviews of all 50 books (a bit of cocky confidence) here on my website.

Remember if you’re not following my blog…you don’t know jack.

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