Know Jack #123

I dug the bat all the way from the on deck circle tonight, but I’m stepping up to the plate. The truth is I’m in a slump. I realize that happens to everyone. Sometimes you have to make changes in how you approach things, however, I feel the best way out is to keep stepping up and taking your swings even if you don’t connect. I think this is the third time I’ve started #123.

I’m trying a little of both approaches. I don’t mean to encroach on the Lost Crusader’s territory, but I did change churches this week. People who are not Christians sometimes complain about all the different churches and denominations…of course these same people don’t restrict themselves solely to vanilla ice cream and preach diversity to us, but who am I to point the finger back at them. Oh, yeah, I do that all the time…moving on.

That move has been extremely positive so far. n addition to that I am involved in my library’s Extreme Book Nerd challenge to read 50 books in 50 weeks this year. Good writers are first avid readers. There are a couple other adjustments I need to make without giving in to the temptation to sit and do nothing. The thing is life throws a lot our way and it’s up to us to adapt, improvise and overcome. With God’s help we are all capable of living the best life possible.

On a bright note the blog now has 100 members. That’s just in time for the roll out of my new website which has taken some big steps forward over the last few days. The goal is to make it easier for readers to comment and for me to post new stuff besides the blog posts…things like free stories, book reviews, and some articles that run longer than the usual posts.

Bayou Moon just made the deadline Saturday, but I was happy with it. I will be back at work on that story tomorrow and be more prepared this week. I hope y’all are liking the story. I want to make Sheriff Landry and ongoing part of my writing with a Nightstalker-type series. That television show was probably before most of y’all’s time. Google it…I’m going to bed.

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