Know Jack #124 Huh?

Know Jack #124

I was privileged today to be interviewed by the Warhawks Air Museum in Nampa as part of their Veterans History Project. My military background is not colorful or exceptional in any way, but it was very gracious of them, first, to take notice of regular guys like me and to record our memories for future generations. Thank you to all the great people involved with the museum and this project.

I am still plugging away at Bayou Moon and Castle of Spirits. The work is going more slowly than I like, but it is going and right now that’s the important thing for me. Chapter 5 of Bayou Moon is growing larger but will be out on Saturday. I am encouraged by the progress there.

I was watching a movie last night and was startled to sudden stumble upon why books are always better than the movie. There is the greater development of characters, but that not it. The big difference for folks like me is that in the book when characters whisper… I can still hear them! You never have to turn the volume up in a book when the characters are talking only to have to turn it down again when the background music blares.

This is huge. I have been envious of screenwriters because they never have to really explain the motivation of their characters. Movie characters do crazy stuff leaving viewers to wonder “What the hell did he do that for?” and getting no explanation. Neither do screenwriters have to try to figure out a dozen ways to say a character got up and walked across the room. Thank God my readers never have to ask, “What did he say?” when my characters speak to each other.

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