Jack LaFountain is back with new nightmares to share. This second book is a collection of fourteen short stories that will have you sleeping with the lights on. Devils and angels; saints and sinners; the living, the dead and the undead have broken out of their shells and are hiding between the covers of Hatchlings. If you like horror without being shocked by the language, you’ll like Hatchlings.

Pick your poison, it’s all inside. Hatchlings offers up murder, madness, vampires, and cannibals. Gather up your silver and join the miners in the Great Wolfbat Hunt. Saddle up with and ride into Perdition with Will Bannister for a drink at the Hell Hole Saloon. Hatchlings includes two finalists in Spinetinglers Annual Christmas ghost story competition. There’s even cake for dessert.

This has been a great addition to our high school library. I especially like being able to offer a book of this genre without the usual language and other issues…I will be watching for more from this author to add to our collection!”

Very interesting book. A great read to pass time, highly recommend.”

Available on Kindle from Anchored Publishing

240 Pages

$2.99. Free with Kindle Unlimited  Click here


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