Adam Rants #13

I have decided to change the name of this series of blog posts from No Girls Allowed to Adam Rants because I think women need to hear some of this stuff...and they are reading it anyway. Remember you can always say in your own defense, “That guy is a chauvinist pig.” Today’s topic is...male selective... Continue Reading →

No Girls Allowed #10

Guys, imagine with me if you will, handing the woman in your life a list of things you want her to do this weekend. It doesn’t really have to be written out, you could just mention a few things every now and then, just to keep her on track. Yeah, me neither. Why? The honey-do... Continue Reading →

No Girls Allowed # 12

“One man may be so placed that his anger sheds the blood of thousands, and another so placed that however angry he gets he will only be laughed at. But the little mark on the soul may be much the same for both.” C.S. Lewis. It is not the size of the scar on your... Continue Reading →

No Girls Allowed #11

I am not ashamed to say that women are a mystery to me. Actually, I’m kind of proud of it. I  don’t think I’d like living in the tangled web of thoughts that go on it a woman’s head. I’m a simple guy...and simple is just fine by me. Some women on Facebook like to... Continue Reading →

No Girls Allowed # 10

Men are dogs. I was sitting at home one evening when a commotion outside caused me to bolt from my chair and rush outside. My dog was barking and snarling with malice I had never heard before. I saw three young boys poking at him through the fence with sharp sticks. They had poor Archie... Continue Reading →

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