The Colonel #13

     When does the end justify the means‭?      Honestly, it depends on how bad we want the object of our desires.‭ ‬Before the righteous stand to shout,‭ “Oh no, not me‭!” Let me pose a question. Have you‬ ever broken the speed limit when you are in a hurry? Yeah, thought so.... Continue Reading →

The Colonel #12

    ‬I recently discovered that I still carry a torch for Lady Liberty.‭ ‬I thought those old feelings of devotion died a long time ago.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬suddenly,‭ ‬I find myself passionately opposed to those I believe are actively seeking her destruction.‭ ‬Who knew‭?      I’m not talking about Islamic extremists or the criminals slipping... Continue Reading →

The Colonel #11

  ‬America has a Justice Department.‭ ‬It does not have a justice system.‭ ‬America has a legal system.‭ ‬The difference being,‭ ‬justice is an equitable application of reward and punishment to all living under its domain.‭ ‬A legal system is the practice of multiple judges deciding independently‭ how to ‬apply laws written by the changing whims... Continue Reading →

The Colonel #10

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” Ronald Reagan Back when the Greatest Generation was being told there was nothing to fear but fear itself and were busy saving the world from tyranny, no one was watching the home front. The destruction of our... Continue Reading →

The Colonel #9

I am not one of those who believe the War Between the States settled the question of secession. All that war proved was that in order to exercise that right you must be able to defeat the federal government militarily. I admire the people of the Confederacy for their decision to resist the over-reach of... Continue Reading →

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