Bayou Moon #6

     How y’all gonna know?      That was the question haunting Landry. Old John’s words played over in his head at the end of every path his mind started down. He still held to the thought that hit him earlier that the murders weren’t random. Lockett was a small town. Lives and histories tended to... Continue Reading →

Bayou Moon

Chapter 5      Landry’s third cup of coffee eased the throb in his right temple allowing a hint of the bright sunshine outside his window to creep into his disposition. He had fallen into bed the night before exhausted by two days with minimal sleep only to find himself unable to let go of the... Continue Reading →

Bayou Moon Chapter 4

     The call came in at eleven-thirty. Ten minutes later, Landry was driving south down Panther Creek Road toward Black Sulfur Bayou. He hit the first pothole about a half mile outside the city limits. The frequency and depth of the potholes rapidly multiplied until the asphalt vanished in favor of a dirt washboard. The... Continue Reading →

Bayou Moon Chapter 3

     The alarm screaming in Landry’s ear was merciless. The number of times Delmer Rousseau’s headless body flashed across his mind meant nothing. The alarm had one job to do and, by God, it was going to do it until Landry got his ass up. It was seven o’clock, there were people to serve and... Continue Reading →

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