Butterflies and Lightning

She took me unawares,
While I was passing by.
Looking either left or right,
She leapt before my eye.
My heart was full, it held
No lack, nor sigh.
Captured in a moment,
By a new star in the sky.

O’er the mountains, ‘cross the plains,
A voice called from afar,
To speak to me of butterflies,
And lightning in a jar.

Looking to my steady compass,
My never failing rock
Plucked a key from deep inside,
And tried it in the lock.
Though it fit, though it turned,
It came as quite a shock.
The door did not open,
The way ahead was blocked.

Fault not the heart, nor the Spirit,
Blame not the voice from far.
I bore inside no butterflies,
Or lightning in a jar.

Until my day is over and,
Night comes rushing in.
I’ll wonder at the spirit,
And ponder on my sin.
Somehow I missed the mark,
To where the road begins.
I am left to the dream that says,
I’d do it all again.

Perhaps upon another life,
Lived among the stars,
The sky is full of butterflies,
And lightning lives in jars.

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