Dragon Dreams

Once dwelt a dragon,

Fierce of tooth was he.

Watching far horizon,

For what could never be.


Fury beats upon the stone

‘Neath the dragon’s lair

Crashing surf, salty foam

Explodes into the air.


Relentless as the waves

Empty beats his heart.

Barren as the cave

Bled by love-lost dart.


Cold lies the stone

Upon his faded scales

Dragon dwells alone

Ship nor man he hails.


Alas, dragons are no more

No heart lives to share.

None to walk along the shore,

No love, no touch, no care.


Knowledge no mercy shows

While hearts in pieces lie,

O’re souls that darker grow

With hopes that cannot die.


Thence a goddess chanced

Face radiant and fair

Her eyes with fire danced

The sun lit her hair.


Soft words she spoke

A melody divine.

Sweetly love invoked

With promises sublime.


Words with love lettered,

A desire swathed in haze.

Dragon’s soul unfettered,

A kingdom should he raze.


Human gods from birth,

Learn love for works to feign.

The Dragon’s only worth

A means to their end


Turning with a curse.

Uttered upon his soul.

Thinking Death the worse

Than cavern bare sheol.


On wing unbidden flew,

To where the gods converse

Whispered fellow true

Obeyed as was rehearsed.


From the setting sun arose

Borne upon a cloud.

She the Dragon chose

A flowing ebon shroud.


With haste the Angel flies

In flowing folds of black

To touch before the dragon’s eyes

Caress the teary tracts.


The Angel with a loving kiss

Touched the dragon’s lips.

His heart did not resist

To Death the Dragon slips


Looking back upon the shell

Of life he left behind,

Whispers, “All tis well,

Peace, at last, is mine.”

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