Adam Rants #15

Discernment is the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend that which is obscure. An opinion is a belief or way of thinking about something or what someone believes about a particular thing. As a general rule,‭ ‬the abundance of a commodity is a major factor in determining its worth.‭ ‬Gold,‭ ‬silver,‭ ‬and diamonds... Continue Reading →

The Colonel, Veterans Day

There will be a great deal of fanfare today about how much veterans are appreciated. Most of it will come from sincere hearts, be deeply felt, and be truly appreciated. Sadly, most of what I hear from my own generation every Veterans Day sounds hollow and shallow. You owe me no favors and none are... Continue Reading →

Lost Crusader #19

         All men, even the most cynical of us, are men of faith. I say this because faith is more than a nebulous “something” we believe in. Faith is visible, quantifiable, evidence of its object. Every one of us produces such evidence. That is not to say that every man lacks the ability... Continue Reading →

The Colonel #13

     When does the end justify the means‭?      Honestly, it depends on how bad we want the object of our desires.‭ ‬Before the righteous stand to shout,‭ “Oh no, not me‭!” Let me pose a question. Have you‬ ever broken the speed limit when you are in a hurry? Yeah, thought so.... Continue Reading →

Know Jack #98

We are a week into NaNoWriMo and things are looking good on the home front. My word count just topped 15,000, just shy of one-third of the way. It’s not all about word count...well, actually, it is for most people, but I want to finish with a good first draft of a novel with potential.... Continue Reading →

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