Lost Crusader #28 Rock Solid

“Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?” Were Jesus a modern day lawyer, I can hear his objection… “Asked and answered.” Meaning the question had already been put to him, dutifully answered satisfactorily on the record, and available in the transcript making further questioning on the point redundant. The problem for Pilate was his view... Continue Reading →

The Colonel #24 Progressive Truth?

Woodrow Wilson once said that if we throw out the preamble to our Declaration of Independence we will have a true understanding of the role of government. This thought is at the core of Progressive thinking about government which the likes of Wilson, Roosevelt, and Dewey advocated at the beginning of the 20th century and... Continue Reading →

Know Jack #135 Writing in Style

There is a trend in writing these days that calls for the author to give minimal space and words to the description of characters especially the story’s protagonist. The thinking is that this makes it easier for the reader to identify with the hero/heroine. While this is not my experience as a reader, it makes... Continue Reading →

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