Reptile Adventures

Crikey! Look at those beauties!

I had a great experience visiting Reptile Adventures in Nampa. Today, owner/operator Tyler Messina was celebrating international Steve Irwin Day. November 15th is set aside annually as a day to honor the life of the late conservationist and television celebrity.

Decked out in my khaki, I arrived at Reptile Adventures in time to take in the sights. Reptile Adventures is a reptile rescue and more. Tyler also conducts education programs on-site and in local classrooms. About 80% of the animals living at Reptile Adventures are local rescues from zoos, aquariums, and individuals. The rest have come to him from neighboring states.

Getting out of my, I was greeted by an enthusiastic pup named, Bruce, a member of the team and himself a rescue. I was very impressed by the number and variety of animals represented.  Alligators, boas, pythons, turtles, tortoises, monitors and iguana to name a few, and not all of which are in enclosures.

Hands-on adventures are available, though I didn’t avail myself of the opportunity today. Which is okay with me because I will be going back again. I highly recommend you stop by and take a look. Three dollars isn’t much for the opportunity.

Oh, and by the way, this Sunday is feeding day for the alligators and all the snakes!

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