Shadows on the Wall

A haunting 19th-century tale of love and fear. Author Ben Fouche’s young hero is a lonely, schoolboy plagued by a trio of fears. He fears the dark, monsters and especially vampires. Bedtime is a nightmare until he meets a strange young girl who visits every night. His new friend helps him banish the fear of the dark and the fear of monsters under the bed, but his third fear remains unresolved.

That summer a carnival comes to town with a mysterious attraction, a haunted house named Gravestone Manor. One trip through otherworldly Gravestone Manor brings all the fear rushing back. Fourteen years later, our hero discovers people are disappearing whenever Gravestone Manor arrives in town leading to a battle across realities in a web of love and fear.

Ben Fouche is the author of several short stories as well as a talented musician. Shadows on the Wall is a wonderful read. The pace and the voice bring to mind the writings of Poe. Well worth reading.

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