Thailand Calling

Joe is a jaded journalist tired with his life and America in general. His solution is to leave his wife a six word note and disappears to Thailand. After narrowly escaping a terrorist attack, he plunges into the Bangkok nightlife. He enters on a quest for a “rock star” fantasy that, for him, includes sex with a different hooker every night, alcohol and watching people pursuing the same lifestyle.

Joe finds himself drawn into adventures from tourist bus trips to helping a friend deliver a circus tiger. Along the way, he deals with the emotional roller coaster of depression, and guilt over his sudden departure from his old life and newfound thrills and no holds barred life in Thailand.

I expected the sexual exploits and oriental barroom comraderies. I found the descriptions of the women and bar fine transactions familiar parallels to my visit to the Vietnam era Philippines. I was surprised by the depth of the emotion insights Mr. Mather brings to the story. Very good stuff there. The ending has a bit of a surprising twist.

Dana Aaron Mather is the author of two other novels, Small Man on Campus and Urban Romance.

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