The Closers

By Michael Connelly

The Closers is the eleventh of twenty novels in Connelly’s tale of LAPD detective Harry Bosch. In this installment, Bosch comes out of a three-year retirement to join the Open-Unsolved Unit and become the oldest “boot” on the force. He is reunited with his old partner, Kiz Rider to investigate a seventeen-year-old murder of a high school girl.

They have a fresh DNA hit that traces back to a tow truck driver. No one really believes the driver, eighteen at the time of the murder, pulled the trigger. However, his theft of the murder weapon is Bosch’s only connection to the crime. The investigation is hampered by shoddy police work by the original investigators and interference from Bosch’s old enemy Deputy Chief Irving at the time of the murder.

Bosch and Rider wade through the broken relationships and lingering effects of the crime until a surveillance miscue ends in the murder of their suspect. In pursuit of whoever murdered their suspect, they stumble upon the truth about the cold case and a murderer no one could have guessed.

I have yet to read all the Bosch novels, but I’ve never had on fail to deliver page turning, detective work with a nice twist at the end. Micheal Connelly is also the author of The Lincoln Lawyer.

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