The Trapped Girl

In the dark predawn, a young man checking his illegally placed crab pots in Puget Sound snags something heavy. After a struggle to bring it to the surface, he discovers he has snagged a crab pot that is not his. This pot contains more than crabs; a human hand protruded from the mass of sea life feasting on the body of a woman.

The Trapped Girl begins with an accidental discovery. The criminal investigation led by Seattle Violent Crimes detective Tracy Crosswhite then begins a series of twists and turns that carries us along the breath of the west coast. A thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride that forensic fans and murder mystery fans will both like. I was able to anticipate some of the plot twists, but definitely not the final one.

This is the first book I have read by the author, Robert Dugoni. The pace and voice kept me turning pages. I liked the close to home setting of familiar places and names. The only real disappointment for me was finding out The Trapped Girl was number four in Dugoni’s Crosswhite series. That means more reading for me. Oh darn, right?

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